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In fact the rabbis of the various the Jewish sites I reviewed on the internet pertaining to the commandment of the Sabbath insist that the Ten Commandments do not apply to Christians or any other non-Jews.

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As important as the Sabbath was in that no work should be done, Jews allowed for circumcisions to be performed on the Sabbath.It was — and is — fitting that they (we) should do so.The Passover is always celebrated on the 14th of Nisan according to the Jewish calendar.Have you been asked yet — either by a Seventh-Day Adventist or a member of other Seventh-Day Sabbatarian groups (and there are many) — why Christians changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday? But most (not all) Christians including Catholics, Orthodox and many Protestants observe Sunday as . But since God is Almighty and has no need to actually rest, we can properly say that God simply ceased all of his work. The Hebrew word for “rest” is “Sabbath” or “Shabbat”.

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