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Realising that they had now definitely been compromised the patrol withdrew from their position.Shortly afterwards, as they were exfiltrating (according to Mitchell's account), a firefight with Iraqi Armoured Personnel Carriers and other forces developed.The investigative book The Real Bravo Two Zero (2002) by Michael Asher followed the patrol route and interviewed witnesses.The subsequent book, Soldier Five by patrol member Mike Coburn, was released in 2004.The log read "Bravo Two Zero made TACBE contact again, it was reasonable to assume that they were moving south," though in fact the patrol headed north-west towards the Syrian border.

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Standard operating procedures mandate that before an infiltration of any team behind enemy lines, an exfiltration route should be planned so that members of the patrol know where to go if they get separated or something goes wrong.

Soon after the patrol landed on Iraqi soil, Lane discovered that they had communication problems and could not receive messages on the patrol's radio.

Mitchell later claimed that the patrol had been issued incorrect radio frequencies; In the late afternoon of 24 January, the patrol was stumbled upon by a herd of sheep and a young shepherd.

For Mitchell's conduct during the patrol, he was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal, In January 1991, during the prelude to the Coalition ground invasion of Iraq, B Squadron 22 SAS were stationed at a forward operating base in Saudi Arabia.

The Squadron provided a number of long-range, similarly tasked teams deep into Iraq including three eight-man patrols; Bravo One Zero, Bravo Two Zero and Bravo Three Zero.

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