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She said didn't feel threatened, but as time went on she felt "increasingly under pressure" by a man whom she believed she was starting a relationship with.

In March 2017, Harvey targeted a single mother with dyslexia whose child had autism.

He applied for two online loans in her name, and also persuaded her to take out a contract for an i Phone and i Pad in her name.

Saying the items were for his church, Harvey told her he would transfer responsibility for the finance into his name, which he failed to do.

One of these victims was a 20-year old woman he met on the train.

They struck up a friendship, with Harvey telling her he had been engaged but that his estranged fiancée was moving to Australia.

He will spend half his sentence behind bars, with the remaining ten months on licence.

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The barrister also told the court that while there was "no doubt" some of Harvey's victims were vulnerable, there was "no clear evidence of deliberate targeting because of such vulnerabilities." Mr Rea said Harvey has a long history of mental illness, has ADHD and also has problems with both alcohol and gambling.

This backdrop of gambling led to Harvey's offending, Mr Rea said.

These claims were branded as "untrue" by a Crown prosecutor, who branded the lies as "rouses used to extract money." The 23-year-old, who appeared before the court with 18 previous convictions, was told by Judge Smyth: "You deceived him in the most shocking way over a two-month period." Other victims of Harvey's criminality included a woman he went to primary school with, and a single mother with dyslexia.

Between November 2016 and January 2017, he persuaded three people to take out telephone contracts in their own names.

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