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It's been rewarding because Kruhj has had a hand in making the graduate office an impor-j tant, functioning part of the University. Kirk 2f Voss, Leanne 3 Voss, Rene 3 Voss, Royalyn 3 Voth, Kim r Voth, Lori 21 Voth, Michael 3( Voth, Patty 21 Voth, Stephanie U Voth, Vern 166, 3( 464 Index i/addle, Julie 451 /ade, Stephen 451 Vagener, Mark 451 /agencr, Su^an 90.451 /aggoner, Dena 324 Vaggy.

"At this stage of the game, I believe it's fair to say the level has been expanded very dramatically." College of Engineering For the past 14 years, Donald Rathbone, dean of the College of Engineering, has witnessed great growth in his college and has seen the completion of Durland Hall. Undergraduate enrollment in- creased by about 140 from the fall of 1984 to the fall of 1986. Graduate enrollment also increased from 44 to 137 since the fall of 1984. After being at the University for two years, Byrne reflected on his perceptions of K-State. "My impression of Kansas State is that the University is far too focused on doing things the right way or following the rule, than it is at figuring out whether the rules allow it to do the right thing," he said.

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