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This is because it can be easily pirated without needing additional technology.In contrast, for pirating a broadcast signal, the pirate has to get rid of the advertisements, trademark (logo) or any other identifying graphics.Recurrently, during the BT deliberations at the SCCR, the Indian delegation has emphasised upon the inclusion of limitations and exceptions, which is a legitimate concern for all developing countries.A like language on limitations and exceptions, where the issue is reserved for national legislation would be ideal even though one may be tempted to see substantive provisions delineated in the BT.This would mean that even though a third-party is permitted to use the broadcast, the use of the content can still be prohibited by the copyright owner, rendering the broadcast meaningless.

Not only does signal piracy lead to loss of revenue streams to the broadcasters, it is also known to have other unintended consequences such as money laundering and violation of foreign exchange regulations.If during the course of transmission, the signal is pirated, it will not be protectable subject matter either under the Act or under the Rome Convention.This situation becomes all the more complex when the signal is recorded and intercepted outside India.The latter option would be ineffectual since any limitations and exceptions under it would have to be in tandem with the limitations and exceptions for the content.Say, for instance, private use is recognised as an exception under the BT but not under a country’s copyright law.

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