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And the Whip has always been a great destination for pub classics like shepherd’s pie, Welsh rarebit, a knockout double burger (the Black Mack), and “bubble and squeak.” Coll has brought more finesse and seasonality to the kitchen, with excellent takes on curry (made with local lamb), sublime short ribs, foie gras ravioli that harken back to her Asian fusion days, and her own twist on the Whip’s “luxury pie” (a special the second weekend of each month) filled with seafood in a rich lobster lemongrass sauce beneath a lid of mashed potatoes.

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Hard to believe it’s already been a decade since the trendsetting debut of this locavore paradise for prepared foods, artisan cheeses, and evening tasting menu feasts put Kennett Square on every gourmand’s hot list.This mini-chain (with a second location in Bensalem) has a casual, counter-service setup that makes some the most vividly authentic Indian around, blazing hot with aromatic spice and featuring specialties from Southern India.Try the pani puri puffs and other refreshing chat salads, crispy chicken 65, chole bhatura, cracker-y paper dosas, heaping biryanis stuffed with tender goat or bone-in chicken, and what may be my definitive rendition of the sweet, sour, and wickedly spicy Indo-Chinese cauliflower classic called gobi Manchurian.Dosa lovers absolutely should make the trek to this obscure suburban strip-mall spot, where South Indian food is served strictly vegetarian.It doesn’t get much more modest than the steam-table buffet format here, but the flavors transcend the ambience.

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