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In February 2009, "Dex" called a KFC restaurant in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Posing as a manager from the corporate office, he persuaded employees to douse the building with fire suppression chemicals and to then proceed outside, remove all of their clothing and urinate on each other.

"Rollin in the A" also told the manager to close the restaurant immediately and tell the customers (75 of them) that they may have eaten tainted food.

On May 27, "Dex" called a Hampton Inn in York, Nebraska and tricked an employee into setting off the fire alarm.

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When "Dex" posted the audio to You Tube he described it as "Epic KFC Prank Call (greatest ever)..successfully convinces the 3 female employees to undress fully nude outside and urinate on each other." Many months later "Dex", posing this time as an insurance adjuster called the same KFC and had the victims describe their experiences while Pranknet members listened.

I had a hotel guest back his truck into the hotel front window (in the lobby), and break the window." The post was deleted in late July.

On June 6, 2009, a prank was made on a Holiday Inn Express in Conway, Arkansas.

As guests made their way to the lobby, a second call was placed to the front desk.

"Dex" claimed that, to avoid alleged fines, the fire department should not be called.

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