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However exact details of the 'When, Where and How' are impossible to predetermine. The more you see, the more care should be taken not to be alone him.Even if he doesn’t rape, these behaviors indicate serious character flaws.Most often bullies are not willing to risk conflict with someone who can hurt them (an alpha male), and will instead chose to intimidate someone he considers weaker and safer. A person who explodes over a minor issue is like a full pot boiling over on the stove.Someone who is bullying over other matters can easily turn to bullying you regarding sex. It’s not that the issue is all that important, but that he has so much anger already, any more causes him to explode.Much less believe that about those we love and are intimate with.The idea behind any learning should be to improve the quality of life, not degrade it.7) Brooding/ revenge - Does this person hang onto his anger long after the situation is over?

Someone rightly said, "Dishonest people are seldom dishonest in only one aspect of their lives." In the same vein, the predilections that can, and do, lead to rape and violence are not isolated.They tend to permeate a person's character and be regularly displayed in many small ways -- and in other areas.These attitudes, behaviors and words are consistent among rapists and those who attack others. The reason it is impossible to predict who will and won't sexually assault someone is because how these behaviors manifest is a matter of style and preference(1).Will he become anti-social and glare at the source of his anger from across the room?Will he insist on taking revenge for real or imagined slights? A brooder fixates on something and then works himself into a frenzy over it.

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