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It is noteworthy, of course, that the GOP - in charge of both chambers of Congress - has taken so long to achieve a substantive win.100% mortgage 125% loan 2-1 buydown 2/28 adjustable-rate mortgage 3-2-1 buydown 3-6-3 rule 3/27 adjustable-rate mortgage - 3/27 arm 5 C's of credit 60-plus delinquency 80-10-10 mortgage A-credit AAA tenant abandonment abatement ability to pay able abnormal sale above building standard absentee owner absolute liability abstract of judgment abstract update abut accelerated payment acceleration clause acceptance access bond accessibility accession accessory building accident accommodation paper accommodation party accommodative monetary policy accord and satisfaction accordion feature account accounts payable accounts receivable accredited advisor in insurance Accredited Management Organization (AMO) Accredited Resident Manager (ARM) accrual method accrued depreciation accrued items accrued items, active accrued items, passive acknowledgment acquisition appraisal acre acreage zoning act of God active box active tranche actual age actual cash value actual damages (and special damages) actual notice ADC loan add-backs add-on interest addendum addition additional collateral additional hedge additional insured additional living expense additional principal payment adhesion insurance contract adjunction adjustable rate Adjustable Rate Mortgage adjusted premium adjustment bureau adjustment date adjustment interval adjustment period adjustment provision advance fee advance rate adverse financial change condition adverse financial selection adverse possession adverse selection aesthetic value affidavit of title affirmation affordability affordability analysis affordability index affordable housing after acquired clause after repair value (ARV) after-acquired collateral age-life depreciation aged debt agency by ratification agency closing agency debenture agency disclosure aggregate adjustment aggregate annual deductible aggregate limit aggrieved agreed amount clause agreement of sale agricultural lien air rights alien insurer alienation clause all equity rate Alliance of American Insurers allocation of purchase price allodial system alluvion alt-a alternative mortgage alternative or specialty investments amenities American agency system American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers American Insurance Association American Land Title Association (ALTA) policy American standard Americans with Disabilities Act amortization amortization method amortization schedule amortization tables amortization term amortize amortized amortized loan amortized note amount financed anchor tenant annexation annual aggregate limit annual debt service annual mortgage constant annual mortgagor statement Annual Percentage Rate annual statement anticipation apartment association apartment building apartments and multifamily housing Appleton rule applicable federal rate application application fee application for letter of credit appointed actuary appointments apportionment apportionment clause appraisal appraisal clause appraisal fee appraisal report appraised value appraiser approval appurtenance appurtenant easement appurtenant structure APR arbitration clause architecture area ARM index ARM margin artesian well Article 9 as-built drawings asbestos asbestos containing materials (ACM) assemblage assessable insurance assessment company assessment insurance assessment rolls assessment valuation asset backed credit default swap (ABCDS) asset conversion loan asset depreciation range system (ADR) asset depreciation risk asset financing asset for asset swap asset management fee asset sale asset valuation asset valuation reserve asset-backed security asset-based finance asset-based lenders asset-based lending asset-liability committee (ALCO) assignment clause assignment of lease assignment of mortgage assignment of rents assignment of trade assignment to creditors association of unit owners association or syndicate pool assumable mortgage assumed interest rate assumption assumption clause assumption fee assumption of mortgage at call at risk rules attachment attestation clause attic attorn attorney's opinion of title attornment attractive nuisance auctioneer authorization to sell automated underwriting system automatic coverage automatic reinstatement clause avalize average daily balance average daily balance method average downtime average free rent average life average occupancy average outstanding balance average settlement period average ticket avulsion B/C Loan back end ratio back title letter back to back letter of credit back-end fee or commission back-to-back commitment back-to-back letters of credit back-to-back loans backfill backup offer bad credit loans bad debt bad debt provision bad debt reserve bad paper bad-faith estimate bailee's customer insurance bailing out balance balance transfer balance-sheet loan balloon loan balloon mortgage balloon note balloon payment balloon risk bank bank bill swap bid rate (BBSY) bank credit bank discount bank guarantee Bank Letter Of Credit Policy bank loan bank pool loan Bank Rate bank term loan banker's acceptance bankrupt bankruptcy Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 bankruptcy court bankruptcy trustee Banx Quote Money Markets Index bargain and sale deed base interest rate base loan amount base premium base principal balance base rate base rent Basel I Basel II basic form rates basic limit basic limits of liability basic mortality table basic premium basis point basis rate swap basis swap BBA mortgage approvals bear flattener bear steepener before and after method below grade beneficiary clause beneficiary of trust bespoke CDO best efforts mortgage lock best-interests-of-creditors test betterment bi-monthly mortgage bi-weekly mortgage loan bilateral contract bilateral credit limit bilateral facility bimonthly mortgage binding receipt binomial distribution bird dog biweekly mortgage blanket assignment blanket credit line blanket lien blanket limit blanket mortgage blanket rate blemished borrowers blended insurance program blended rate blighted areas block limits block of policies blockbusting blueprint Board of Realtors(R) boiler plate Bond Market Association (BMA) swap book of business book runner boot borderline risk borrow borrower borrower's note borrowing base borrowing power of securities Boston plan bottomland bottomry boundary bow tie loan branch office breach of contract break fee break-even payment rate break-even ratio bridge financing bridge insurance bridge insurance for bridges under construction bridge loan bring down search British thermal unit (BTU) broad evidence rule broad form broad form cause of loss Broad Index Synthetic Trust Offering (BISTRO) broker agent broker loan broker loan rate broker's call brokerage business brokerage department brokerage fee brokerage general agent brokerage supervisor brownfield brownstone budget mortgage buffer zone build out build to suit buildable acres builder buydown loan builder's risk coverage forms builder-financed construction building code building efficiency ratio building line building restrictions building society building standards bulk sale bull flattener bull steepener bullet loan bullet repayment bundle of legal rights bureau insurer Bureau of Land Management burning ratio business and personal property coverage form business credit business finance companies business income coverage form business insurance business interruption insurance business property and liability insurance package bust-up takeover buy-back deductible buy-up buydown buydown mortgage buyer's agent buyer's broker buyer's expenses buyer's remorse cadastral map calamity call call call loan call money market call money rate callable loan Canadian overnight money market rate Canadian rollover mortgage cancellation clause cancellation of debt cap capacity capacity of parties capital export capital improvements capital investment loan capital mortgage capital note Capital Purchase Program (CPP) capital shares capitalized cost reduction capped note cargo insurance carryback financing carrying charge cash (or funds) available for distribution (CAD or FAD) cash advance cash advance rate cash back mortgage refinance loan cash basis loan cash collateral cash credit cash deficiency agreement cash management bill cash method cash on cash yield cash out of vested benefits cash rent cash yield on cost (CYC) cash-flow financing cash-out refinancing casualty casualty catastrophe catastrophe futures catastrophe hazard catastrophe loss cause of loss form cease and desist order ceiling central business district certificate for automobile receivables Certificate of Claim certificate of completion certificate of deposit index (CODI) certificate of discharge certificate of eligibility certificate of insurance certificate of reasonable value (CRV) certificate of sale Certificate of Veteran Status Certificates for Amortizing Revolving Debts certificates of automobile receivables (CAR) Certified Consumer Debt Specialist (CCDS) certified general appraiser Certified Mortgage Consultant Certified Property Manager Certified Residential Mortgage Specialist cestui que vie chain of title change in occupancy or use clause change of beneficiary provision change order Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 13 Chapter 7 character loan charge card charge off chattel mortgage circulation factor Civil Rights Act of 1866 civil wrong claim claim agent claim department claim dilution claim expense claim provision claim report claimant class rate classified loan clause clean clear space clause clear span clear span facility clearance letter clearinghouse funds CLO closed account fee closed period closed-end credit closed-end mortgage closing statement cluster housing clustering CMBX Indexes CMG plan co-borrower co-investment co-investment program co-ownership co-signer code of ethics COF Index COFI coinsurance clause coinsurance limit coinsurance penalty coinsurance percentage coinsurance requirement coinsurer collateral collateral creditor collateral management collateral note collateral surety collateralized collateralized borrowing and lending obligation (CBLO) collateralized debt obligation collateralized debt obligation cubed (CDO-cubed) collateralized debt obligation squared (CDO-squared) Collaterized Loan Obligation collection float color of title comaker combined loan to value ratio combined single limit commencement of coverage commercial acre commercial bank commercial blanket bond commercial credit commercial credit insurance commercial finance commercial forgery policy commercial forms commercial insurance company commercial leasehold insurance commercial lender commercial lending commercial lines commercial loan commercial mortgage commercial mortgage broker commercial mortgage lender commercial mortgage-backed security commercial package policy commercial property commercial property floater commercial property policy commission of authority commissioner of insurance commissioner's values commitment fee commitment letter committed facility common area assessments common area maintenance (CAM) common areas common elements common law common wall Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) commuted cash value companion tranche comparable sales comparative unit method compensating balances plan competent party competitive bid option competitive market analysis (CMA) completion bond component depreciation compound interest comprehensive glass insurance compulsory insurance computerized loan origination (CLO) concealment concurrent causation condition subsequent conditional conditional claim rate conditional commitment conditional prepayment rate (CPR) conditional sale conditional use permit conditions for qualification condominium conversion condominium hotel condominium insurance condominium owners' association conduit borrower confession of judgment clause confidentiality confirmed irrevocable letter of credit confirmed letter of credit (L/C) conforming loan conforming loan limit conforming mortgage conformity Connie Lee consequential loss conservation consolidated mortgage consolidated mortgage bond consolidation loan constant default rate (CDR) constant maturity constant maturity credit default swap constant maturity swap constant maturity treasury constant payment constant payment loan constant percent prepayment (CPP) Constant Proportion Debt Obligation (CPDO) construction documents construction financing construction insurance construction interest expense construction loan construction loan note construction management construction to permanent loan constructive notice consultant consumer credit consumer credit counseling consumer debt consumer finance consumer interest consumer loan consumer reporting agency contents contiguous space contingency contingency listing contingency reserve contingent credit default swap (CCDS) contingent fund contingent payments continuing education requirement continuous compounding continuous operation clause contour map contract carrier contract for deed/land contract contract for sale contract knavery contract of adhesion contract rent contraction risk contractionary monetary policy contributing location control control provision controlled business controlled business arrangement controlled insurance convention blank convention values conventional mortgage conventional pass-through convertibility clause Convertible ARM convertible loan cooperative insurance cooperative mortgage core capital core properties corporate credit corporate guaranty corporate inflation-linked securities corporate lien corporeal property correspondency system COSI cosigner cost approach appraisal cost approach improvement value cost approach land value cost of debt capital cost of funds cost of money Cost of Savings Index (COSI Index) cost recovery cost-of-sale percentage costs plus contract countersignature country limit Countrywide rates Countrywide rules courier fee courtesy to brokers covenant covenant against encumbrances covenant not to complete covenant of quiet enjoyment covenant of right to convey covenant of seisin cover note coverage part covered foreign currency loan covered loss covered margin covered person cramdown creative financing credit credit agency credit agreement credit analysis credit analyst credit application credit bureau credit card credit card balance transfer credit card insurance credit check credit committee credit control credit cycle credit default contract credit default insurance credit default swap credit derivative credit enhancement credit facility credit freeze credit grantor credit history credit inquiry credit instrument credit limit credit line credit loss ratio credit market credit monitoring service credit netting credit note credit quality credit rating credit rationing credit repair credit report credit repository credit risk certification credit score credit scoring credit sleeve credit squeeze credit sweep credit tenant credit utilization rate creditor creditor's committee creditors' settlement creditors' turnover creditworthiness creditworthy criticism cromie rule crop insurance cross border financing cross defaulting cross-collateralization crowd funding crowding out Crown Loan cumulative discount rate curable depreciation curb appeal cure period current exposure method current face current index value current occupancy current portion of long-term debt current production rate current value currently insured status curtsey custom adjustable rate debt structure (CARDS) customers' net debit balance daily report data processing coverage date of maturity dating datum day loan deadbeat deal structure dealer loan dealer median prepayment speed dealer paper death put debasement debenture debenture redemption reserve debit balance debris removal clause debt debt accordion debt bomb debt cancellation debt cancellation contract debt collector debt consolidation debt coverage ratio debt displacement debt elimination debt exchangeable for common stock (DECS) debt fatigue debt instrument debt management debt management ratio debt overhang debt retirement debt security debt service debt service coverage ratio debt settlement debt signaling debt snowball debt swap debt to credit ratio debt to GDP ratio debt to income ratio debt to worth ratio debt/EBITDA ratio debtaholic debtor debtor in possession debtor-in-possession financing deceased alert declaration declaration of restrictions declination dedication deductible clause deed in lieu of foreclosure deed in trust deed of reconveyance Deed of Release Deed of Trust deed restrictions defamation default default judgment default rate default risk defaulted interest defeasance clause defeasance process defeased securities deferral principal deferred interest deferred maintenance deferred maintenance account (DMA) deferred payment deferred payment letter of credit deferred payment method deficiency judgment degree of combined leverage (DCL) degree of financial leverage (DFL) degree of operating leverage (DOL) degree of risk delayed exchange delayed issuance pool deleverage delinquency delinquent delinquent mortgage demand clause demand line of credit demand loan demised premises demising wall demolition clause demolition insurance density density zoning dependent properties deposit or provisional premium Depository Institutions Act of 1982 Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act depreciable real property depreciation insurance depreciation recapture depth tables descent description desecuritization design-build designated agent developer development loan deviation devise devisee devisor difference in conditions direct access notes (DANs) direct lease direct loan direct loss direct reduction mortgage direct sales comparisons approach direct selling system direct write off method direct writer direct written premium director of insurance directors' indemnities disappearing deductible disaster myopia discharge discharge of lien disclosure authorization form discount interest discount loan discount point discount window discounted bill discounted properties discounted value table discrete compounding discretionary ARM discrimination dishonor disposition fee dispossess proceedings distraint divided cover divisible contract clause document needs list documentary tax stamps documentation preparation fee documentation requirements documents dollar bond index linked securities (dollar BILS) dollar limit dollar roll dollar stop domestic insurer dominant tenement double leverage double net lease Dow Jones CDX Indexes dower down payment Down REIT downzoning draw period dry closing dry loan dry mortgage dual agency dual index mortgage dual life stock company due date due-on-sale clause duplex duration gap duress dwelling dwelling forms dynamic gap early amortization early occupancy earn-outs earnings credit rate earnings insurance earnings withholding order earth movement earthquake insurance easement by condemnation easement by necessity easement by prescription easement in gross easy monetary policy EBITDA - capex economic accrual of interest economic life economic obsolescence effective annual interest rate effective gross income (EGI) effective gross rent (EGR) effective interest rate effective rent efficiency unit ejectment electrical or electrical apparatus exemption clause electronic authentication electronic data processing coverage electronic wallet elevation drawing elevator collision coverage eligible accounts Ellwood technique emblement Emergency Home Finance Act of 1970 Emirates Interbank Offered Rate (EIBOR) employment contract empty creditor empty nester encapsulation encumbrance end loan endorsement extending period of indemnity enjoin enterprise zone entitlement environmental audit environmental impact statement Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) epitome Equal Credit Opportunity Act equalization board equalization factor Equifax equilibrium rate of interest equipment breakdown insurance equipment floater equitable conversion equitable lien equitable mortgage equitable right of redemption equitization equity equity buildup equity grabbing equity injection equity kicker equity linked security (ELKS) equity mortgage equity note equity of redemption equity participation loan equity sharing equity sharing loan equity stripping equity value errors and omissions insurance escape clause escheat escrow abuse escrow account escrow agent escrow agreement escrow analysis escrow company escrow contract escrow disbursement escrow fund escrow instructions escrow payment esoteric debt estate at sufferance estate at will estate for years estate from period to period estate in land estate plan estimated closing costs estimated hazard insurance estimated premium estimated property taxes estoppel estoppel certificate estovers et al. Abdul-Aziz had his eyes on implementing a nation building process which would fit the needs and aspirations of the people while growing alongside their assessment of what would best serve the nation and its citizens.unity was realized because Abdul-Aziz applied the doctrine of Islam to public policy, justice, and all other fields of life.He succeeded not only in unifying the country, but also in proving the credibility of the Islamic solution and demonstrating its validity for his time and all times. in Islamic Shari'ah with Honors from Umm al-Qura University, Makkah, Saudi Arabia. degree from Harvard Law School, and continued as a Visiting Researcher at Harvard Law School for the academic year 2000-2001. Ansary received his Doctor of Juridical Science (S. D.) degree from the University of Virginia School of Law. Ansary provides legal consultancy and expertise to several branches of the U. government, commissions, federal courts, law firms and scholarly communities, and has been a member of several task forces charged with reviewing key issues related to homeland security. Ansary gave several presentations and speeches on various issues within his practice area, and authored or co-authored several congressional reports, published articles, and papers on the law and/or practice of foreign jurisdictions, national security law and policy, anti-terrorism legislation, human rights, and Islamic law and legal systems in national and international journals and newspapers.In 1924, Abdul-Aziz ibn Sa'ud-the founder and first King of Saudi Arabia (1932-1953)-took control of the Hijaz (the Western Province of Saudi Arabia), ending a long series of battles to consolidate and unite a vast but fragmented territory.The other parties are groups that oppose giving amnesty to illegal aliens through the DACA or deferred action for childhood arrivals programs.President Trump holds the keys to ending with dispatch Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of links between the Russian government and his presidential campaign.

This new Consultative Council was in charge of informing the government about any errors in the application of laws and statutes.P45 Pac-man palmtop paper currency paper gain paper millionaire paper offer paperchase parcel rate Parkinson's law part delivery part exchange part-owner part-ownership part-time part-time work partial participate participating depository financial institution participation fee participator partly pass pass off passbook passbook loan passbook savings account passive stake patent agent patent office pathfinder prospectus pattern of trade pawn ticket pay pay as you earn pay back pay day pay off pay out pay package pay packet pay phone pay restraint pay review pay scale pay slip pay threshold pay up pay yourself first pay-cheque payable on death (POD) payback clause paying-in book paying-in slip payment holiday payment in kind payroll clerk peak year penalise penalty-free pension entitlement pensionable age pensionable service per cent per head per pro per procurationem percentage increase perform performance fund performance incentive performance rating performance review performance share performance-linked bonus period of qualification periodic permanent permanent interest-bearing share permissible nonbank activities person-to-person call personal personal banker personal call personal computer personal customer Personal Equity Plan personal identification number Personal Investment Authority personal pension plan personal sector personalised peseta peso pessimism pessimistic peter out petrocurrency petroleum industry petty cash book petty cash box phase in phase out phoenix company physical price physical stock check pick piecework PIN placing planner platinum card pledgee pledging requirement pledgor plenary meeting plough back plug plummet pocket point-of-sale material polarisation police record poor poorly population forecast portable portable pension position of trust positive positive authorization possess post-balance sheet event post-earnings-announcement drift postal account postal ballot postal order postdate potential pound-cost averaging pre-emptive pre-encashable deposit pre-financing pre-market trading pre-provision operating profit (PPOP) preannouncement precautionary measure predator preference preferential preferential creditor preliminary preliminary announcement prepaid reply card prepay prepetition liability present press conference press coverage press cutting press recommendation pressing previous prey price price differential price ex factory price tag price-sensitive pricing model primary account number primary regulator prior-charge capital private banker private banking private client stockbroker private income private label credit card private ownership private placing Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 proceed product advertising product analysis product engineer production department production line production target production unit productivity bonus professional qualification profit squeeze profit-making profit-taker profitably program trader programming engineer progress payment prohibitive project analysis projected promotional prompt proof of funds (POF) property bond property developer property development property portfolio proprietary company proprietary drug prospective P/E ratio prosperous protect protective tariff provident provisionally proxy form prudential ratio public holiday public monopoly public placing Public Sector Borrowing Requirement Public-Private Investment Program for Legacy Assets (PPIPLA) public-to-private deal pull out pump punt punter purchase and assumption (P&A) Purchase and Resale Agreement (PRA) purchasing department purse put down put in put into put on put out put up quadruplicate Qualified Institutional Buyer (QIB) Qualified Institutional Placement (QIP) qualify qualifying distribution qualifying period qualifying service quantifiable quantify quantitative easing quantity purchase quarter day quasi-loan quick quiet quota system quote-driven system raid alarm raised check rake in rake-off ramp random check range forward rank rate of production rateable value rating officer raw raw data re-export re-present read readable reader/sorter readjust readjustment ready real interest rate real money real return after tax real value real-time gross settlement system real-time system realised profit reassess reassure recapitalise receipt book receipts and payments basis receiving bank receiving department receiving order reciprocate reckon recognised agent recognised clearing house recommended retail price reconcile reconciliation reconciliation statement record-breaking recorded delivery recording recording of a lien recover recoverable ACT recoverable amount recovery share rectify recurrent recycle red Red Book red clause credit red day redeemable government stock redeemable preference share redeemable security rediscount redistribute redistribution of risk reduce reduced reducing balance method redundancy payment redundancy rebate redundant staff refer reflate refundable regional bank regional check processing center regional development grant regional planning regional stock exchange registered check Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) registered letter regular regular income regulate regulated consumer credit agreement regulation agency Regulation Q Regulation S-X reimburse reinsure reinsurer reinvest reject related related company reminder remittance float remote deposit remunerate remunerative render renege renegotiate renewal renewal notice rent review rent tribunal rental value reorder reorder interval reorganization replacement cost depreciation replacement price reply coupon reporting season require required reserve rate required reserves rerate rerating reschedule rescue rescue operation researcher resell reserve bank reserve fund reserve maintenance period reserve ratio reserve requirement reserved market residence permit residue resist resistance level resolution trust corporation (RTC) resolve restrict retail banking retail repurchase agreement retail service provider retailer number retain retirement pension return date revalue reverse reverse bid reversionary reversionary annuity reversionary bonus revise rial rig right to strike right-hand rightful claimant ring binder ringgit rise rising screen risk asset ratio risk-based capital risk-based deposit insurance risk-free return risk-weighted asset risky rival riyal robustness rock rock bottom rocket roll rolling account rolling plan rollover credit Romalpa clause rouble rough calculation rough draft rough out round down round up round-tripping rubber check rubber stamp rulebook ruling run run down run into run out of run to settlement runaway inflation running total rupee Russell index S&L custody safe deposit safe keeping safety margin SAIF salami fraud salaried salaried partner salary review salary scale Sale and Repurchase Agreement (SRA) sales charge sales chart sales department sales executive sales fee sales ledger clerk sales mix profit variance sales return sales returns book sales slip sales value sales volume profit variance salesman saleswoman salvage vessel same save up save-as-you-earn saving savings account Savings and Loan Savings Association Insurance Fund savings bank savings club savings deposits savings-related share option scheme scam scarcity value Schedule A Schedule B Schedule D Schedule E Schedule F Schedule I bank Schedule II bank schilling scout screen trading Sdn berhad sea freight SEAQ search season seasonal seasonal unemployment second second banking directive second earner second half second quarter second-class second-class mail second-ranker second-tier bank second-tier market secondary auditor secondary bank secondary credit rate seconder secondment secretariat Secretary of State Secretary of the Treasury Section 529 plan secure website Securities and Futures Authority Securities and Investments Board securities house securities subsidiary security guard security of employment security printer seedcorn segregated account selected personal information self-financed self-financing self-made man self-regulation self-regulatory self-service banking self-supporting sell forward sell up sell-by date sellout senior capital Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey on Bank Lending Practices (SOSLP) senior manager separate estate separation sequester sequestration sequestrator Serious Fraud Office service cost centre service department set against SET Index set up settle on settlement day seven-day money shadow banking system shady shake shakeup shaky share at par share issue share option scheme share premium account share split share warrant shareout sharp sharply shelf shell branch shelter sheriff's sale shilling shipping company shoot up shop around shopper shoppers' charter shopping basket short credit short-change short-term paper short-term reserves short-termism shrink sideline sight draft sight letter of credit sight note signature card signature guarantee simple interest single European market single filer single premium policy single-company PEP single-figure inflation sink sitting tenant slam slash slide sliding scale slight slightly slip-up slow slow payer small business incubator small claims court small-scale SMI snake snap up snip soar social investing société anonyme société anonyme à responsabilité limitée Société des Bourses Françaises sociedad anónima società per azioni society Society for Worldwide Interbank Telecommunications socio-economic soft soft sell sole agency sole agent sole distributor sole owner sort code sorter/reader source and application of funds statement South African Reserve Bank special Special Commissioner special endorsement special notice special offer special purchase and resale agreement (SPRA) specification specify specimen spin control spin doctor spiral split-level investment trust spouse square stabilise staff training stagger stagnant stagnate stale stale bull stale check stamp stamp pad standard direct labour cost standard letter standby letter of credit start start-up financing starting salary state bank state monopoly state-controlled state-owned stated annual interest rate statement stuffer Statements of Standard Accounting Practice statistical statutory holiday steadily steadiness steady step sterile reserves sterling area sterling index sterling silver stimulate stock association stock code stock depreciation Stock Exchange Council Stock Exchange Electronic Trading System Stock Exchange listing Stock Exchange operation stock jobbing stock level stock market launch stock market manipulation stock market manipulator stock picker stock transfer form stock turn stockbroker's commission stockbroking stockmarket rating stockpicking stocktaking sale stop stop payment stop-go stoppage store card stored value card straight paper Straits Times index street directory strong strong currency strongbox strongroom structural sub-underwriter subject to collection sublessee sublessor subprime credit card subprime loan subsidiary bank subsidiary company subsidise subsidised accommodation subtotal subtract succeed super NOW account supplementary benefit Supplementary Financing Program Supply Bill support price surveillance camera sushi bond swap arrangement swap bank Switch card system open market account (SOMA) systems analysis Table A Table B Table C Table D Table E tabulator tael take away take over take up take-private takeover timetable taker takings tally tangible asset value tangible equity tap tap stock taper target savings motive target zone arrangement tariff barrier tax adviser tax allowance tax and loan account tax assessment tax code tax deposit certificate tax inspector tax threshold tax-deferred account tax-deferred retirement plan tax-exempt special savings account tax-favoured investment tax-filing program tax-free taxpayer advocate Taxpayer Assistance Order teaser telegraphic transfer telephone order teller Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program (TLGP) tenderer tendering Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility term assurance term CD term certificate terminal bonus tertiary industry thin trading third third party insurance Threadneedle Street threshold agreement threshold price thrift thrift institution thrift savings plan tie tie up tied loan tier 3 capital Tier One Tier Two tight tighten up on till float time and method study time and motion expert time deposit time draft time limit time rate time share timescale timetable tip sheet TOISA token charge token payment token rent Tokyo Interbank Offer Rate toll free top official top up top-flight top-slicing total Total Index total invoice value touch tour track track record tracker fund tracker PEP tracking unit trust trade agreement trade bureau trade counter Trade Descriptions Act trade directory trade price trade-weighted index trading estate trading loss trading stamp trailing spouse trainee training levy training officer training unit transaction deposit transfer transfer of property transferable transferor transferred charge call transit transit letter travel organisation traveler's check treasury general account (TGA) Treasury Secretary treble tribunal triplicate Troubled Assets Relief Program troubleshooter troy ounce true and fair view true copy truncate trustbusting tune turn turn down turn round turnkey operation turnround twenty percent rule twenty-four-hour trading two-cycle billing U. After writing a series of articles on the subject and its implications for continued aid from the West, I'd like to highlight a chilling event that happened earlier this week which dramatically underscores my point.In early December, a political disagreement got very nasty. Scott Taylor, a former Navy Seal and now congressman from Virginia.

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