Jonas dating

For the purposes of this ~ look back into history ~, we started out at the very beginning with Mandy, his high school sweetheart.

She inspired one of the Jo Bros most iconic songs, but now she's totally out of the spotlight.

She also (probably) met the rest of the fam on a skiing trip in Mammoth Mountain Park in California the same weekend. the two made the big leap — the one there's no going back from. No mere Instagram post for those two, though — Harington and Leslie went full British propriety for their announcement and took out an advertisement in could shut down to accommodate Harington's wedding, it looks like Turner and Jonas might have a nice long break to plan their own nuptials.The pair were first seen together back in early November of 2016, when they were spotted hanging out in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.And on Halloween that same year, they both appeared — suspiciously close together, but not actually touching — in a squad pic, with Jonas dressed as a dog and Turner as a rabbit. Back in January, Turner teased us all when Mario Lopez interviewed her at the Golden Globes, when she played coy about her new honey.Who can forget his -fueled relationship with Demi Lovato that spawned Jemi or his dramatic relationship with Taylor Swift?(If you happened to forget, there are a bunch of songs about their old relationship, including "Better Than Revenge," "Last Kiss," "Forever and Always" and "Holy Ground.") Thankfully, he seems to have no bad blood with any of his exes, including Tay.

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