Kiss goodbye to dating

Thank God I peed before “Ticklemonster” Jonathan’s limo exit because I’m seriously ticklish.

I was already recalling the sage advice of my dear friend Alexis, “don’t judge anyone who shows up in a costume” when Matt waddled out of his limo in a penguin costume.

Luckily they did most the talking because that first night is more about getting to know them, not just them getting to know me.

My greatest fear that night was having to start the rose ceremony and having to make decisions I would regret, so I really wanted to talk to each and every guy.

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My sister Constance was midway through her pregnancy with her second child and saying goodbye to her and her growing family reminded of the ultimate goal: creating my own family.

I got my first surprise of the season while I was having send-off drinks with my girlfriends at my favorite bar in Dallas, HG Supply, when former Bachelorette Jo Jo Fletcher dropped in!

She wished me luck and gave me a bit of advice on how to handle the Chads and challenges ahead.

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At that moment I realized one of these guys could be my future husband. I was more nervous for the cocktail party than the limos because now I had to actually talk to 30 men!

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