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In this case, contact your program manager or program office, give them your application number, and ask if they can reopen the application for you to make changes.This depends upon which application number the program office/program manager has already approved.NOTE: If the submission deadline has passed, any extra applications can not be deleted from your account.

We have decided that we do not need to return funds to OJP because it is an old grant. For a computer-based training on Registration procedures, please go to the following link:, then access the 'External Overview' section.

Please reference the website for technical assistance or contact the Helpdesk at 1-800-518-4726.

Formula, block grant, and continuing discretionary applicants will use GMS to apply for funding.

To get into the application from the GMS Home page (Applications page), click on the "Update" or "View" link that appears under the Action column on the very right-side on your application.

You can always get back to the main GMS Home page by clicking the "GMS home" link to your very bottom left.

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