Relative dating using cratering distribution

Army paratroops were boarding the plane for an exercise airdrop mission.At that moment a USAF F-16D (88-0171) entered the traffic pattern on finals for runway 23.The F-35 will be used in Burlington nearly 5,500 times per year — a slower pace than current F-16 flights — and will be significantly louder than F-16s.Houses closest to the airport have been vacated and sold through a Federal Aviation Administration program that buys homes severely affected by noise pollution.Squandering of Resources: The F­35 unconscionably squanders desperately needed resources.Current Pentagon estimates are that the overall F­35 program will cost over 0 billion for the planes and twice that for maintenance.The ballot item language, which is advisory and non-binding, asks the City Council to request cancelling the warplanes coming to Burlington and to request quieter military equipment.

Since the Air Force first sent notice in 2009 that it was considering the airport as one of the locations it would send F-35’s, groups of residents have sought to oppose them.The 18 planes based in Vermont would cost over billion.This money should be used for education, health care, renewable energy, pensions, roads, bridges and other needed public services.Several members of that group, along with the City of Winooski, lost a court battle in 2016 challenging the findings of a U. Department of Defense environmental study that gave a green light to deploying the planes at the airport.The Vermont Air National Guard’s current fleet of 18 F-16 aircraft will begin to be replaced with new F-35’s as early as next year.

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