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There will also be less girlfriend-boyfriend nonsense, which will stop marriage and dating at a young age. Teachers can teach very risky subjects such as sex-ed when they think the students are mature enough to handle it. If the teacher keeps on repeating the same lessons over and over again just for the sake of the boys, then what is the point for the girls?

Single sex schools students are more likely to stay away from risky behaviors such as drinking, smoking, drugs, and much more.

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One said he appeared to "glory" in his lack of remorse.

At his last appearance before the Parole Board, in 2016, the board noted a marked improvement in his attitude and motivation but decided to keep him in jail for two more years before he would be considered again.

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He was sentenced to preventive detention for that offending in 2008, with an eight-year non-parole term.

That appearance before the board was meant to take place in May 2018, but on Thursday Justice Mander decided to impose another five-year, seven-month jail term with a non-parole term of three years.

The judge decided imposing a second preventive detention term would be "disproportionately severe".

After revealing the offending during his second Kia Marama course at Rolleston Prison, he pleaded guilty to three more charges and faced another sentencing before Justice Cameron Mander in the High Court at Christchurch on Thursday.

Defence counsel Michael Starling said the outcome of the sentencing was largely academic."He could be still in jail 10 years from now, in terms of the progress he still has to make," Starling said.

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