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As he goes through the trauma of his family splitting up, Jeremy Paxman may be experiencing sad echoes of his childhood.

On his own admission, the home he grew up in was pretty dysfunctional, and his parents' marriage fell apart when his father, Keith, walked out to start a new life (and family) in Australia.

He confessed to still being troubled in his late 60s by what had gone on all those years ago.

Keith Paxman was a brute of a dad — and there is no suggestion that Jeremy was, or is, in any way like him as a father. A bluff chap who propped up the golf-club bar, a monocle in his eye to match the brass buttons on his blazer, he had been a naval officer and expected instant obedience.'The merest suggestion of insubordination would send him into a fury, during which he would grab the nearest hard object with which to beat whoever had provoked him,' Jeremy recalled.

All they seem to have had in common was their embarrassment at each other — Jeremy that his father was, as he saw it, a mere salesman, Keith that his son was, as he once voiced it in public to his gin-swilling cronies, 'one of those homosexual communists from the BBC'. Of his own feelings when this happened he has said nothing, but he eventually came to see his father as 'a damaged man'. The fact that Ms Taylor is not a nameless, faceless lover, but someone who was warmly welcomed into the family home, must make the betrayal harder to bear for Ms Clough.Elizabeth Clough was one of 25 girls who made history by ending the all-male tradition at the £35,280-per-year Marlborough College and joining 800 boys.After leaving Marlborough, she read history at Somerville College, Oxford, then joined the BBC as a trainee.They feel that Jeremy has behaved dreadfully in all sorts of ways.'Elizabeth welcomed Jillian to their family home.When Jeremy was writing his books, he would work from home and Jillian would come to stay.

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