Sexy comedy movie online

Hunterrr (2015) is a story of a boy Mandar Ponkshe who is a sex addict.Mandar is interested in scoring one night stands, and his philosophy of love is only about sex.The package gets mixed up with another package, and a bunch of ruthless gangsters torture the three boys.

Now, please keep in mind that many of these movies are not technically "comedies." In fact, some of them are dramas.

Here are the best Indian Adult Comedy Movies you can watch next time that bro-union happens.

Mumbai Matinee (2003) is a story of a 32 years old man Debu who works as an advertising agent and is a virgin. Nitin Kapoor films him while he was working out in the gym.

They pretend to be a gay couple to get the apartment and what follows next creates a mess in their lives.

Straight (2009) is a story of a man Pinu who owns a restaurant in London. He decides to get married to a girl in an arranged ceremony.

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