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He started by crafting a Linked In profile for a defense industry recruiter with the help of a headhunter friend.

He then found a Linked In group for people with top secret security clearances that now has more than 9,500 members.

"We should meet face-to-face." Without thinking, the target would volunteer his or her location — a breach of basic operations security.Harbinger sent friend requests to the male contractors and defense workers he had talked to on Linked In, this time as the fake Alara.Her story was that she was applying for a job with their company and needed career advice.Harbinger stopped short of pushing for classified information, he said, but he got close enough to prove how easy it would be to extract very sensitive intel if he’d kept probing.Still, he was able to reset one target’s passwords and access a Pay Pal account, bank account, credit card statement, and cell phone bill.

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