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Quickly Identify Your Hand Plane And follow this link for more help. After 1885 when Stanley added the lateral adjuster, All Stanley Bailey and Stanley Bedrock planes had this style adjuster. Bedrock type study The Birmingham Plane Manufacturing Company of Birmingham, CT (1885-1900) Birmingham Plane (B Plane) The lateral adjuster on a Sargent made plane. Make sure yours in question has the Stanley Lateral shown above.It also had 3 patent dates on it: 2-8-76, 10-21-84, and 7-24-88 By type 8 only the last patent date remains 7-24-88 That is what we have, so it look like it is Type 8 and above rog receiver undergoes a major redesign.

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The 4 1/2 is 10″ long (1″ longer than the No4 and 3/8″ wider with a 2 1/4″ cutter) and its increased mass makes it hard to work but a very effective smoother. Blade tops changed to rounded at some time C1960s Y-levers went from cast to two-piece stamped and back to cast again at this time) Type 4. No biggie I just happens to have a "few" examples to chose from in order to illustrate the features helping us dated them.Instead of re-building my whole Illustrated Type Study of Stanley Bench planes, for now.So everything points to a Type 9, with the sole exception of the Pat no still present on the lateral lever (Type 8) no doubt a left over plane parts, making this plane probably early in the Type 9 production time frame of 1902-1907.This type study is based upon Roger Smith's original and includes many comments and updates from Patrick Leach. "The improved form of this Plane Iron renders it unnecessary to detach the Cap Iron, at any time, as the connecting screw will slide back to the extreme end of the slot in the Plane Iron, without the danger of falling out.

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