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With i Tunes 12.1 and later, there is a new widget for notification center in OS X Yosemite, which allows the user to see what's playing, skip ahead, and even buy songs from i Tunes Radio, right from notification center.

Sonos does not allow you to change or edit music and playlist files created by other applications; these files are always treated as “read-only.” If your playlists are still missing after sharing your Music folder Your playlist file is stored somewhere on your computer that is not your Music folder.i Tunes lacked support for 64-bit versions of Windows until the 7.6 update on January 16, 2008.i Tunes is currently supported under any 64-bit version of Windows, although the i Tunes executable was still 32-bit until version 12.1.You’ll need to find the location of the playlist file, and share the folder path with Sonos.Any duplicate playlists that are seen are usually the result of multiple i Tunes playlist files being indexed by Sonos across one or more Music Library shares.

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