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And with tears in my eyes I've thought, And I've also looked my baby in the eye and said "You better make smart decisions. If you are anything less than these things, you might not come home to me one day." I suppose that part of the problem with the world is that once you are White you will never be Black and trying to understand their fear based on their experiences will always be hard for you.

I would say that it's been about 8 years since I had a taillight out on my car.

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Fast forward to about a month ago when my taillight was out again.I wish I would have known that people would accuse my husband of kidnapping our oldest son because he's white while simultaneously praising me for being a saint who graciously adopted a little black boy.I wish I would have understood the mean words that can escape someone's lips when speaking about our mixed little family and the heartache that follows.What if that was us and my lack of respect for his fears would have taken this same turn for the worst?I went to sleep that night wondering what the future looked like for my family but when I woke up the next morning I would only realize that things were about to get worse, not only for my family but for everyone. It's not full of police officers, doctors, teachers, Asians, Hispanics, Males and Females. People who fortunately and unfortunately have the same equal opportunity to decide how they live their lives.

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