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In addition, if your social media account includes the likeness of any member of the general public – including an individual’s photo, video, audio or testimonial – you are requested to obtain the necessary consent by obtaining the individual’s signature on an official media release form.

We expect all who participate in social media on behalf of WUSM to understand and follow these guidelines and the university’s social media policies.

Banks and businesses will never ask for your personal details like bank accounts by email so anything that does is likely to be a scam and will send your data to the hackers'The devil has tricked you into thinking your bank account is the most important piece of information on earth. 'At least not in the case of security and privacy online.

I'm more concerned about my Facebook account being hacked than my bank account, to be honest.'Personal details of around 500 million Yahoo users were compromised in a cyber attack on the firm in 2014, the company confirmed yesterday, and now Ms Denham has said lessons must be learned by those companies that handle personal data.

Faculty, students and staff are charged with unique roles in the areas of patient care and the advancement of medicine.

The company said that certain account information was stolen from the company's network in late 2014 in what it believes was a 'state-sponsored actor' someone working on behalf of a foreign government.They should also change their security questions and answers.Hackers could try to use data to target customers - either by phone or email.Notably, 2014 also saw Sony Entertainment hacked in retaliation for the proposed release of North Korean-mocking film 'The Interview.' That hack resulted in thousands of private Sony emails being shared.The increasing threat of cybercriminals has prompted many companies, including Facebook and Netflix, to urge their customers to change their login details if they find matching credentials with other sites.

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